WHO YA GOT?! Goal of the Week (Oct 14-16, 2017)

by Chris White

1) #27 Artem Korolev finishes a backhand beauty, from #17 Parker Moskal.

2) #6 Erik Fagerlin sneaks into the slot to bury a behind-the-back dish from #17 Parker Moskal.

3) #27 Artem Korolev does it again, with a forehand-backhand finish, from #17 Parker Moskal.

4) #22 Johnny Hoang notches his 1st career junior goal on a solo mission.

5) #6 Erik Fagerlin finds the empty net from between the hashes, as #7 Anton Ahlin turns his man inside-out.

6) #9 Frej McLoughlin undresses a defender, before going backhand-roof on the tendy.

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