How To Watch The Bombers In The WSHL Thorne Cup Finals

by Bombers Staff


1)  After purchasing a single-game or 30-day subscription ($9.99/game or $29.99/month - the team will play a minimum of 3 games, and a maximum of 5 games), input your Login/Password and click WATCH NOW, on the home page.

2)  In the top right, it should show AVAILABLE GAMES.  You want to be sure LIVE BROADCASTS is selected (assuming you are attempting to watch the game live).

3)  Click the toolbar titled SELECT A LIVE VIEWING CHANNEL.

4)  Near the top, under LEAGUES, click WSHL - WESTERN STATES HOCKEY LEAGUE.

5)  Now, you should see the available live broadcasts.  Click WATCH.  Enjoy!

You can also follow the WSHL LIVE SCOREBOARD at:


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