Bombers Bring Back Burguev

by Ron White

The Long Beach Bombers are proud to announce the re-signing of veteran, Amir Burguev. The 6’4, 218-pounder hails from Kazan, Russia, and is returning for his fourth season. Burguev has spent much of his time in Long Beach as a defenseman, logging 150 career WSHL games, thus far. The big left-shooting Russian also spent half of the 2015-2016 season as a forward. His 49 points led the entire team in the second half of the year, including playoffs. In total, Burguev has accumulated 138 career points.


Last season, Burguev registered 13 Goals and 41 Assists in 57 Games Played. Those figures included 7 Power Play Points, while only taking 18 minutes in penalties. Often pairing up with fellow countryman, Oleg Senko, the duo routinely faced the opponent’s top offensive line. Burguev was the team’s second-leading scorer from the back line, trailing only Nick Short, who led the entire group of WSHL defensemen with 80 points. 


Burguev has been honored at the Long Beach Bombers Year-End Team Banquet as the 2014-2015 Rookie of the Year, and the 2015-2016 Top Offensive Player. This off-season, he has worked harder than any prior, and will also arrive on-time for Main Camp for the first time since August 2014. 


The last four-year member of the Bombers, Nick Short, commented, "Amir is such a dominant player on the ice. After a couple of years playing with him, I think the skill that stood out the most was his shot power. He has probably one of the fastest shots I've seen in this league. Anytime he shoots, I expect either a goal or ring off the post. As a teammate, he's extremely funny and straight-forward. He might be the only Russian who actually enjoys speaking English!” Domenic Bosetti, a two-year veteran Bombers goaltender, added, “Amir brings a lot of positive energy to the locker room, but he is also the first one to step up if some one is not giving everything they have. He only cares about the team."


Long Beach Bombers Head Coach & General Manager, Chris White, stated, “We need a big year out of Amir, if we are going to remain one of the elite teams in the WSHL. He is extremely versatile, as he can play defense or forward, which is a nice bonus for us. He is primarily a playmaker, but his shot is very accurate, and he possesses a great release. He has proven the ability to score from the blue line, which is not easy to do at this level. His big body makes him difficult to handle, and he plays a disciplined game that allows us to give him a lot of minutes. Over the past two seasons, he has shown the ability to be a top point producer or a shutdown defenseman. Where he is used this year is to be determined, but wherever and however we decide to use him, it will all be about consistency. We know he can be the best player on the ice in any given game; and in his final junior season, we want to see that more often than not. He is a very well-liked teammate, and extremely coachable. He doesn’t always show it, but he has a high level of competitiveness, and he doesn’t enjoy losing, one bit. He will be the most veteran player on our team, and we will lean on him for leadership, in addition to mentorship of the younger players. Amir has seen it all at the WSHL level, and carries with him three seasons of Thorne Cup Playoff successes and failures. As much as he has been through, this will be an all new situation, as the individual expectations will be at an all-time high. This will be his team, and he will have the opportunity to put his stamp on the organization, along with his own legacy in Long Beach.”




Amir’s Player Profile Page:






Q & A with Amir Burguev:






You lead the current Bombers roster with 150 Games Played, and 138 Points. What are your personal goals, this season?


It's gonna be my last year with the team, so I want to play my best hockey all season long, put my game on a new level, help the team win the Thorne Cup, and get myself ready for pro hockey. So, we will see brand new Amir on the ice this year.


In 2015-2016, you spent half the season as a forward, leading the team in second-half scoring. Last season, you scored 13 goals, compared to 14 the year prior. How did you maintain your production, playing a full season as a defenseman?


All because of my teammates, great passes, and Bob (Robert Roslund - ’96), his screen in front of the goalie was just a perfect screen.



This will be your fourth full season with the club. In your opinion, who are the Top-5 most-talented players and Top-5 personalities over the past three seasons?


That's a tough one. Top-5-most talented were probably: Kirill (Markevich), Nils (Holterberg), Anders (Romegard), Markus (Lindholm), and Jonathan (Tordhall). It’s hard to say the Top 5 personalities, almost all of the boys were nice.



Last year's franchise-best season (46-5-1, 93 Points) ended in heartbreak. What is it going to take to jump over that final hurdle, and raise the Thorne Cup?


It's going to take a lot of hard work. Our discipline should be way better than we had, sometimes we gave up before the game was over, so we need to show our character, don't cry, stay strong, and never give up.



Rapid Fire: 

Why do you wear #95?


You better ask coach White about it. I actually wanna take #97 this year (my actual birthday year). 




Who do you want to room with?


Oleg was fun to room with! But not anymore.




Which teammate listens to the worst music?


Oleg, with his Russian rock (I hate rock), and some Russian songs from 80s.




What is your favorite thing to do, away from the rink, in Southern California?


First of all, hit Chipotle. Then, surfing, and some night adventures at downtown LA/Hollywood with my fantastic four.




Moscow or Kazan?


Hm, I don't know.


Kazan or Los Angeles?


Let's say Moscow and Kazan over the Summer, and LA when it gets cold in Moscow and Kazan. 




Do you have Google Maps on your phone?


No, using Apple maps in US, and Yandex in Russia. I’m not using Apple maps in Moscow since the 2016 Keysport Camp, when we got lost a couple times.




How many hours did you work for free at the KeySport Agency International Camp in Moscow, this April?


I think it was a 4-day camp, 96 hours, so I worked like 72 hours out of 96.




How many hours did you sleep?  


20 for 4 days…love Andrey for that.